Adam, who lives near Scunthorpe, has been racing karts since the age of 11. Success hasn’t gone a miss throughout with several race victories and strong championship finishes.

In January 2012, Adam tested a 6-speed 125cc gearbox kart for the first time, looking for a new challenge in karting. After instantly showing promise and getting used to driving the new, much faster kart, it came without question that he would like to progress into this new class for the year. Adam spent the year fully getting to grips with the new aspects involved with the kart and won the LKRC club championship in the process.

Adam now races amongst the best drivers in the country in the highly competitive ABkC Formula KZ UK Super 4 Championship showing great promise in the class while having a much tighter budget than many of his competitors.

Adam is always on the lookout for much-needed sponsorship to help him consistently reach the top spot on the podium, and at the same time, advertising his sponsor while doing what he does best.


Mini Max
2006: Woodthorpe Kart Club - 2nd

Junior Max
2008: Woodthorpe Kart Club - 3rd
2009: LKRC Winter Series - 4th

Senior Rotax
2010: LKRC Winter Series - 4th
2010: LKRC Championship - 5th
2011: NKF Championship - 14th

2012: LKRC Championship - 1st
2013: WKC GP Winner
2013: WKC Championship - 5th
2015: ABkC National Championship - 9th
2016: ABkC National Championship - 11th
2017: ABkC National Championship - 10th